Medical Cannabis Business Applicants (Initial Offering)

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In general, applications and exhibits filed with the Commission are public records. Applicants are allowed to redact portions of their application and/or exhibits to protect from public view confidential or proprietary information. AMCC reserves the right to make further revisions to the redactions submitted by applicants. Redacted application materials submitted pursuant to procedures adopted in 538-X-3-.20ER will be available no later than November 15, 2023.

The Commission is not obligated to agree with the applicant’s grounds or statutory authority cited in support of any redaction. The applicant, by submitting redactions, agrees to defend any claim that its application and/or exhibits is exempt from inspection and copying under the Alabama Public Records Law (§ 36-12-40, et seq., Code of Alabama 1975 (as amended)).

Integrated Facility Applicants

Cultivator Applicants

Processor Applicants

Dispensary Applicants

Secure Transporter Applicants

State Testing Laboratory Applicants